Are You A Millennial? You’ll Love This Makeup

Are you a member of the generation that baby boomers love to say grew up on participation trophies? Do you stand on tables in restaurants — just to photograph your Eggs Benedict? Have you considered quitting your job to start a meme? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then boy, have we got a color for you.
In case you missed it, The Cut wrote a hilarious article about how millennials (especially women) are all obsessed with the same muted shade of pink. Seriously, it's everywhere: in advertisements, on clothing racks, and even in our makeup bags. That's right — regardless of whether or not you realize it — we've been swiping and smearing this trendy color all over our faces for a while.
Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite products that match the millennial aesthetic. Pink is back, ya'll — and it's more Instagrammable than ever.

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