Tumblr Creator David Karp Makes His Modeling Debut

Stepping out from behind the screen that has made him ridiculously successful, CEO and Creator of Tumblr, David Karp, has made a career transition into modeling. As the latest face of Uniqlo, Karp joins the company of a dozen other locals for Uniqlo's New York Faces. As long-time believers that a smart equals sexy, we're in love with Uniqluo's choice to turn the spotlight onto a grade-A brainiac and New York native. The New York Faces campaign has been launched in honor of the brand's newest store location to be open in Midtown, across the street from Macy's. We don't expect the 25-year-old entrepreneur to be quit his day job anytime soon, but with a long and lean stature and piercing blue eyes, maybe he'll find some comfort in a potential back-up gig on camera...as long as he opts for a pose a little less Zoolander. (The Atlantic Wire)

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