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Furrific! The Coolest Trapper Hats For Men, Women, and Babies…

Perfect for the winter weather, trapper hats bring to mind the rugged American frontier (or Dr. Zhivago… you commie), the well-lined trapper hat is as warm as it is charmingly outlandish. And while we know its unapologetic fluffiness has oft seen it banished to the back of the closet/Siberia, we're feeling its gift potential this season. Say what you will—this year, the trapper's a keeper.
Above, from left: Urban Outfitters Nylon Quilted Bomber, $34, available at Urban Outfitters, Coach Fur Trapper Hat, $398, available at Coach, Urban Outfitters Hunter Earflap, $34, available at Urban Outfitters, Baby Dior Trapper Hat, $125, available at eLuxury, Kangol Wool & Fake Fur Trapper, $58, available at Kangol.