Trans 102
The Workplace Crisis We Don't Talk About Enough — But Should

A quick refresher on how to advocate for the trans, non-binary, or gender-fluid people — whether they're your best friend or your cubicle neighbor at work.

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It'd be hard to miss the Gender Revolution shaping our current cultural moment. From the dating world to inspiring YouTube personalities, trans and nonbinary people are claiming space like never before. They're reshaping the words we use to talk about bodies, and the restrictive categories we've forced them into.
But if it sometimes feels like this seismic shift is happening only in our phones or on our computer screens, we can't forget that these conversations have very real resonances for the daily lives of the brave activists leading the charge. One of the places where we've got to learn to do better? The office. Since so many workplaces haven't yet embraced the practical (healthcare, anyone?) or emotional support systems needed by this under-served community, we put together a quick refresher on how to advocate for the trans, non-binary, or gender-fluid people in your life, whether they're your best friend or your cubicle neighbor.
Unfortunately, the employment protections to which trans people have access are already being stripped away by the Trump Administration. Most notably, Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions recently reversed an Obama-era policy that used 1964 Title VII civil rights law, which prohibited workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, to advance trans rights. And last summer, President Trump called to ban all trans people from serving in our military, though the command, delivered via Twitter, has yet to be enacted (read more here about the brave trans men and women are grappling with an uncertain future).
Given the dire stakes of our current political climate, we spoke with the trans community about how to best defend for their rights while at work. Press play above to hear their easy-to-follow tips for making your office a more inclusive and empathetic environment — because it should go without saying that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe on the job.
Transgender In The Workplace Diversity, Trans Ally TipsReleased on November 17, 2017

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