Trans 102
Here's The Thing About Trans Representation…

We asked trans people why it's so important for them to have greater visibility in media culture. For one thing, it helps create more empathy among viewers

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From Laverne Cox to Caitlyn Jenner, trans voices are leading today's fight for LGBTQ visibility. Though the past few years have marked incredible progress, we know we've still got a long way to go before the trans community feels safe and accepted in schools, hospitals, and bathrooms across the nation. In partnership with MAC Cosmetics, Refinery29 teamed up with writer and trans activist Jen Richards to present "Trans 102" — a series aimed at amplifying their courageous stories and educating viewers on the issues that continue to threaten our movement towards a more inclusive, equal world. Directed by Transparent's Silas Howard, "Trans 102" is all about generating awareness for transgender rights by promoting a dialogue around gender fluidity. One of the most effective ways to create empathy? Increase the number of trans narratives featured in books, movies, and television— because when audiences see characters that represent a diverse array of real-life stories, understanding follows.
Transgender Women and Men Representation In Media IssueReleased on June 20, 2017

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