Trans 102
Trans People Tell Us What They Want — & It's Exactly What You Want, Too

"We're not asking for special rights. We're asking for the same basic rights we're all promised."

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Like anyone else, transgender and gender non-conforming people want to be treated like people. That's the message in a new Trans 102 video — a video collaboration between Refinery29 and MAC Cosmetics — in which transgender and gender non-conforming people talk about all of the things they'd like to do. Things like: Go to school, get a job, serve our country, get a better job, date, and raise a family.
These are typical dreams that many people want to achieve, regardless of their gender identity. But, transgender and gender non-conforming people face obstacles in every one of these areas simply because of their gender.
Like the people in the video say, trans people are people — and they deserve access to the same rights and opportunities as the rest of us.
"We're not asking for special rights, we're asking for the same basic rights we're all promised," they say in the video.
Right now, transgender and gender non-conforming people don't have these rights — and the Trump administration is threatening to take away rights they do have, like the right to serve in the United States military and what little protections transgender people are offered at work.
Transgender people are kicked off of sports teams and told what bathroom they can or can't use. They face discrimination and stigma in almost every area of their life — at home, at work, and in relationships — and are at greater risk because of it. The Human Rights Campaign has recorded 25 murders of transgender people so far in 2017.
So what the people in this video are asking isn't frivolous. You may be thinking, "of course transgender people are people, too." But they aren't currently treated that way, and they need your help to change the laws and the stigma that creates this discrimination.
"We need your support, your vote, your participation, your voice, your money," the people in the video said. "We need you to hire us. We need you to tell that comedienne, 'that ain't funny.'"
As they say, we've been fighting for so long to give women equal rights and respect because gender shouldn't have any control over your worth as a person. So why wouldn't we do the same for transgender people?
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