Trader Joe's Has A New Dessert Mash-Up — & Here Are 5 Ways To Eat It

Trader Joe's is known for tuning up our favorite dessert classics with creative twists — and the most recent sweet to debut has us buzzing, literally: Sumatra Coffee Brownies. The brownies are made by adding ground Sumatra coffee beans and extract to the batter for a caffeinated one-two punch. TJ's already sells its popular Sumatra roast in whole bean form, but as far as coffee-brownies go, until now we've only seen an ice cream sandwich situation. This latest product mash-up is bridging the gap between breakfast and dessert, but only for a limited time. At $2.99 a bag and an with an in-store expiration date, we already have major plans lined up for exactly how we're going to enjoy them.

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Sumatra's dark, bold, and bittersweet cocoa flavors lends itself as an ideal match for a chocolatey and fudgey brownie counterpart — so with these tasting notes top of mind, here are the five next level ways to enjoy this treat as a double coffee dose (morning, noon, and night):
1. Crumbled On Top Of Ice Cream
Go the classic brownie sundae route: heat a square slightly in the microwave and serve it crumbled atop a scoop (or two).
2. Served Á La Affogato
Get even fancier and go affogato by pouring an accompanying espresso shot on top of your ice cream scoops and serving finishing off with a brownie square topper.
3. Ice Cream Sandwich-Style
We've tasted the brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches from TJ's, and now it's time to make our own double dose version (Sumatra-style).
4. Dunked In A Cup Of Hot Joe
Brew up a hot cup maybe even Sumatra roast and dunk a brownie in for a sweet double dose of morning java.
5. With A Cold Glass Of Flavored Nut Milk
Skip the standard brownie with a glass of milk combo and opt for munching your Sumatra square with a cold glass of flavored nut milk instead — in addition to chocolate and vanilla, many brands also offer up coffee flavors so you for maximum caffeination.

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