Top Comments: Our Readers Go Goth, Put Some Spring In Their Step, And Take Some Acid

After last week's amazingly awesome contests in our New York Newsletter, we couldn't help but do it again! This time, we wanted you to get creative and tell us your dream vacation, your ideal glam goth get-up and the perfect clothing companion to go with some kick-ass Keds to score. The answers we got were imaginative, inspirational and down right high-larious as you warred it with words to score everything from a major leather moto jacket to the sneakers you'll be living in all weekend. We seriously love reading your comments just as much as you guys love winning our rad giveaways, so keep 'em coming, and keep our entire office laughing, sighing, and tearing up—until then check out this week's winners and a few other, uhh, deep thoughts, we just couldn't forget. Dallin Chase:

My dream adventure would begin on a spaceship, pointed towards the moon. I would stop midway and like to be released in a suit with a cord attached to my ship where I would float in total darkness and have a good view at the earth/life that I would be leaving behind and probably have all sorts of typical existential realizations upon how insignificant everything really is, etc.

Next I would land on the moon and perhaps have this all timed so I could be standing on the moon during a solar eclipse in some kind of heavily heat resistant machine bubble with a super strength UV protection glass on the window. I would camp there and set up a laptop, maybe tweet one picture of myself taken with a macbook camera captioned something like 'on the moon lol'. I guess I'd take a general sightseeing tour of the rest of the major planets like Uranus, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and then land on Pluto. Since this planet is interpreted astrologically supposed to represent regeneration/rebirth/previous lives, I would take a bunch of acid and see if I could investigate the idea further, hopefully resulting in seeing every single one of lives flash before my eyes until the effects of the drug wore off.

I would expect after such an experience and being left in space with nothing familiar to keep me grounded, I would probably end up getting overwhelmingly anxious and start feeling completely insane from being separated from everything I knew to be reality by then and ask to leave Pluto and get launched into the nearest black hole.

This is truly what my greatest adventure would be like.


Vintage sword and skull Retail Slut leggings (nothing on top).

Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park T (sleeves rolled on to the shoulders) tucked into a Ann D triple zipper belt Rick Owens Wings vest leather jacket Dominic Jones claw rings on every finger Custom cross chandelier earring from Sin City that Alexis Bledel wore! Alexander Wang Freja Laced Zip Boots Guidi Soft Reversed Horse Leather Large Bag Delfina Delettrez Bat Bracelet Julia Deville hair necklace Vintage Alain Mikli for Claude Montana sunglasses attitude.

High-Top Keds:

kelseytaylor: sneakers are a staple-so i'd pair them with my other summertime favs- -a breton striped oversize cropped racerback tank (my design) -my new jean shorts -black lace hanky panky bra -my tan leather vintage bucket bag from poland (always wrapped with mcqueen scarf) - gray nails - my vintage lock/key necklace on a leather rope string -messy beach hair usually topped with a bow (rodarte for target's bow belt is perfect as a headband) - persimmon lips (a la temperley london spr2008rtw) for a lil pop of color and my favorite accessory - my vintage cruiser bicycle!!

Model Editorial: Vanity Teen Cole Mohr

Maria Ramos:

The Best Of The Rest:


Although born and bred in New York City, the place that represent adventure to millions of people worldwide, I dream of escaping my glorious city bubble a bit. I dream of all of the impractical expeditions and jaunts that make the best kind of imaginary adventures: skinny dipping in Crete, hiking through Greece, driving up the Amalfi coast of Italy in a shiny red convertible, hair wrapped in a Bonnie-esque (of Bonnie and Clyde) style silk scarf--forget that I don't know how to drive stick-shift. After too much pasta and artichokes in Rome, I would venture first to France, then to the Maldives, where I would make use of the bathing suits that I'd abandoned in Crete. Finally, and this one is just for fun, I'd fly to Japan in the back of a cargo plane, hitching a ride with some friendly GIs, so that I could finally experience the joy of truly fantastic udon.

Oh and absolute last stop: home, to New York. Because I really do think it's the most adventurous city on the planet.

I could use a makeover.

awake91: come on..if I had these I'd need nothing else.. I'll wear them NAKED ;P


I would wear them with style, attitude and a skip in my step. :)

My dream adventure is to go "glamping" - that's glam-camping - in Thailand. I'd sped all day trekking through the forest and fishing for lunch down on the beach, then come back for a sunset rubdown followed by a candlelit dinner in my ridiculously posh tent at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle. I ca dream, right?