Top Comments! Our NYC Readers Get Poignant, Poetic, And A Little Dirty!

This week, we ran some seriously rad competitions in our New York newsletter. To spice it up, we asked y'all to tell us everything, from your best first date moment to your favorite lucky charm, to score some loot like a necklace from Olivia Palermo's new line to a Lyell sweater. Some winners were chosen from Facebook comments, others from responses on the stories themselves. To say you were excited would be an understatement— some of your answers, from ivory boar's teeth to a drunken pizza hook-up, gave us some major thrills. Get ready to get inspired, laugh out loud, and turn misty-eyed by this week's best comments.
Here were our winners, plus other comments we just couldn't forget!
Molly: "I was a nervous four-year-old, smitten with the lifeguard, curtis, who wore yellow swim trunks and looked like a ken doll. my mother had promised that if i went off the diving board with the rest of the class, i would be rewarded with ice cream. instead i started weeping, and curtis tried to convince me, saying we could jump together, or he could catch me so my head didn't even go under. i said no, i preferred to stay where i was, just sitting on curtis' lap. i don't swim very well. "
Olivia Palermo:
"Oh the places I would go!
with my necklace along with me!
I would head to Brunch @ Diner (in Brooklyn).
Cuz there really is no place finer.
To have a drink & eat and just be...
sitting with my friends wearing my necklace for everyone to see..
I'd jump on the JMZ
and head to the village with so much glee
walking walking walking
talking talking talking
not a care in the world
just a ecstatic girl
to have in her possession which has become her obsession
the Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo Tribeca necklace!"
Brooklyn Charm:
Lynn Justinger: "I went to South Africa this past November to volunteer at a rural township school. It was a life-changing experience, and I wanted something to remember it by. When I returned home, I had a 10 cent rand (small gold coin) made into a charm, and strung it on a chain. The coin is only worth about 2 cents, but it's priceless to me."
Club Monaco:
Lisa Marie Harris: "I still wear my Club Monaco skinny black pants from the 80s!!! I was a young girl living in Trinidad & Tobago when I got it from my mum - I used to roll up the cuffs a bit to wear it, and I remember throwing a girly floral tunic over it! - and now, in my late 20s in NYC, it fits like a glove, doesn't show its years, and I can't imagine not wearing it at least once a week. How can I not love a brand whose clothes look good AND they last?!?"
The best of the rest:
lsz123: "The pieces are gorgeous and I would wear them most anywhere with the perfect outfit! The simplier the outfit, the more it would accent it. But I'd love to wear the necklace at home...and wear only that. I think my boyfriend would even love the necklace!"
Jen: "This isn't seduction as much as a drunk pick up line that worked. I went to college in Buffalo and next to the bar was a pizzeria that was open late night. This guy who was a rugby player that I had my eye on came over to me and was like Let's go next door, get a slice of pizza and go back to the dorms and hook up. I was like um, I'll take the pizza. We went next door he got me a slice of pizza and yes, he ended up coming back to my room and we hooked up. It was the silliest line ever but it worked."
heatherjocross: "It was kindergarten. We decided to "study" underneath the teachers desk. We stole candy from the teachers jar and giggled. I convinced him he should kiss me since we were partners in class. He turned out to be gay."
astrocized: "He was 17, I was 3. He was the nursery monitor. I sat in his lap and he read me stories. when he tried to play with other children, I would cry until he came back to me. I always get what i want."
Emily Ryan: "When I was in second grade my "boy friend" gave me a necklace that he made himself out of a lumpy rock he found in his back yard and a rock polishing kit. It was mahogany brown and shiny and totally unique. I loved it because it was my first gift from a boy and I was completely caught off guard. I still have it, but I ...have to replace the chain before it will fit around my neck."

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