A Virtual Tour of NYC's Smallest Pop-Up Shop: Tom Scott + Project No. 8

You know the old expression—big things come in little packages. And while we're not talking about a red Cartier box, we think the adage proves true for the newest addition to NYC's temporary retail scene, Project No. 8 + Tom Scott's Pop-up Shop. The Tribeca store is tiny, about the size of a small bedroom or a large bathroom, but the square-footage strangely makes it all the more charming. On tap are over 30 limited-edition pieces (prices range from around $250 to $750), many exclusive to the location, as well as a curated offering of Tom Scott's spring '11 collection, and staples (cashmere sweaters, cardigans) fabricated in candy-bright colors. "It's a pop-up with pop color," says Scott. "We've had a long winter, so I wanted it to be very colorful." Our favorite item had to be his signature mesh shirts, which, like much of Scott's clothing, could be categorized as unisex. Don't expect him to wear it, however—"mesh on guys...I wouldn't go there. Though if you're hairless it's perfect." Maybe Scott, who has a T-shirt project collaboration and a men's collection in the works, will change his mind as the weather heats up. After all, the boutique is bite-sized, and we didn't see any AC. Stop by for yourself to see if Tom bares all–according to the designer he's "going to be there a lot."
Project No. 8 + Tom Scott Pop-up Shop, 186 Duane Street (near Hudson Street); Open until March 27, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., closed Monday and Tuesday.
Click through to take a tour of Scott's stuff!
All photos by Nick Wolf.

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