Tom Ford's Romance Is One Beautiful Love Story

Tom Ford is sexy. That's just an undeniable fact. What some people don't know, however, is that Ford has a partner—of 24 years. His name is Richard Buckley, and the two met back in '86 at a fashion show when Buckley was an editor at WWD and Ford was an assistant to designer Cathy Hardwick. In February's OUT magazine, the publication's first ever Love issue, Buckley and Ford share the intimate details of their romance, with two versions of the fateful day they locked eyes. The text is poignant, raw, and, for us at least, deeply moving (we're talking tears, The Holiday style). So, if you're all-out-of-faith for V-Day, this love story, and 22 others (including our dear friend Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste), will remind you it's never too late for cupid to strike.

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