TOCCA Comes To The West Village (With Help From Lyell’s Emma Fletcher)!

Tocca has just opened a New York boutique in the heart of the West Village, and we're in the ready position for some serious merch-snagging! Along with its open doors, the flirty brand brings some other great news— Emma Fletcher (of our beloved but now defunct Lyell —R.I.P.) has come to Tocca to bring back apparel with a full RTW spring '12 collection, and we couldn't be happier. With edgy, structured lace blouses, flirty skirts, and wool swing coats, the pieces on offer have an art-deco vibe inspired by vintage stationary for an ultra-feminine look with a subtle sexiness. And it's no surprise that the West Village shop mirrors this too cool, yet inviting aesthetic, with cleanly displayed products like perfume we can't wait to spritz, candles we can't wait to light, and, of course, clothing we can't wait to wear, all over town.
Click through to check out the flirty clothes and alluring store! Tocca, 605 Hudson Street (at West 12th Street); 212-255-3801.
Photos: Courtesy of Lexa Media PR