This Is What Tina Fey Looked Like In High School

Celebrities are always talking about how awkward they were growing up, but only Tina Fey would publicize her yearbook picture on network television in order to prove it. Homegirl squeezed this snap onto last week's 30 Rock and that's (one of the reasons) why we love her. Clearly she's come a long way— after ditching the red rose and the 1980s, she dominated the boys club of Saturday Night Live, gave us Glencoco, the catch-phrase, "I want to go to there," and, at the end of all, has become an indisputable culture force, not to mention one of our favorite authors (Bossypants was so amazing we laughed so hard we cried, and then cried for real). While her high school pic may leave something to be desired, she's turned into a veritable smokeshow, so just like those models that complain about being so tall they're awkward, Fey's got more to prove about her humble past, than about her current cover girl status. (The Gloss)