Party Pix: Our Hamptons’ Rager With Timo Weiland

While the Hamptons might not exactly boast killer street style (more preppy than punk), we managed to find a couple lookers at the Southampton soirée we threw Saturday with Timo Weiland and Not A at hot shop Tenet. After a long-day at the beach (Bloody Marys before noon might not have been the wisest move), we were a little worse for wear come 6 p.m., but that didn't stop us from getting quickly in the groove. After a couple PBRs and Bulldog gin concoctions, we turned into bona fide sales associates, pimping Timo's pop-up and all his fall collection goodies—think unisex tuxedo blazers with silk lapels, hard-core trenches, and loose-knit, open weave sweaters in bright hues. Also on hand? Not A's playful plaid prints, a perfect complement to Weiland's more conceptual offerings—guests could order the art on i-Pads then and there. And, while serious drool-worthy looks for gals might not be abundant in our gallery, we think some of the guys might make up for it (Tenet store owner Jesse Warren sure is easy on the eyes!).