You’ll Want To Learn These 10 Shirt Hacks

If your immediate response to any rule is "Says who?" — then welcome to the club. You're our kind of fashion person. When it comes to something as simple as how you wear the things you put on your body, we say the only rules you shouldn't break are ones that might end with you getting fined by the police. But even though people seem to know that black can mix with blue, sparkles can work for daytime, and some bra straps are meant to be exposed, the idea of wearing an article of clothing in drastically different contortions doesn't come easy for most. But work with us here — who says that you have to wear your top with both arms in the sleeves, and your neck in the neckline?
Well, we know someone who's definitely on Team Says Who?: Rajni Jacques is an NYC-based creative director and Racked's fashion editor-at-large whose ability to think outside of the two-arms-in-sleeves box has consistently blown us away on her Instagram (consider this one, or this one). Using button-downs, sweaters, and other tops you likely already own, too, Jacques creates new forms of clothing. Click through to see the transformations.

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