Going Thrifting Next Week? Here's The First Section You Should Hit

Going home means getting an opportunity to appreciate some things you always took for granted. Things like a full fridge, neighbors who know your name, and decent thrift shops with reasonable prices (seriously — if we could count all the moments of rage we've experienced from sticker shock in big-city thrift shops...). While we're looking forward to hours of uncrowded browsing time, we've still got to prioritize the racks. One of the first places we always head for? Jackets — those beautiful, magical, gloriously cheap jackets.
But, for every gem, there are more than a few dusty duds, so we've compiled this little styling guide to helping you figure out which jackets to make sure to consider. (And, if you just can't deal with the racks, you can shop the web as well.) From oversized '80s denim to team-spirit bombers, these are all almost more exciting than that leftovers binge you're planning for after your big thrifting spree.

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