This Cool, New L.A. Site Helps You Shop, Sell, And Donate

There comes a time in every girl's life when she's got to clean out her closet, and there’s no better time than before a big fall shopping spree. Last year's trends and the clothes that you never wore—and never will—are crowding your racks, but what’s a girl to do? We think you should check out Closet Rich, a brand-new site that allows you to sell the clothes you don't want, make some money, and give back to charity without even leaving your home. The mastermind behind Closet Rich is Elizabeth Kott, an L.A.-based fashion veteran who has logged time at Rachel Zoe’s digital H.Q. Her brainchild is the perfect place for local clothing-collectors to both sell and acquire clothing from the comfort of their homes. Just schedule an appointment with Kott, and she’ll come and sort out which pieces should go to market and which should go to charity—and she’ll take it from there. Whether you’re on the lookout for some Lanvin sunnies for under $100 or trying to make sure last season’s threads find a good home with someone who really needs ‘em, this is a site you have to click on, stat!