There’s $10,000 Buried In A Treasure Chest In NYC

Way back when, we used to dress up like pirates and draw fake mustaches on our faces with our mother's eyeliner and search for lost treasure. Well, if you did too, listen up: There's $10,000 buried somewhere in New York City right now. The creators of We Lost Our Gold have hidden an actual wooden chest somewhere within the five boroughs of NYC. Crazy, right? If you want a stab at 10Gsm all you have to do is participate in this crazy treasure hunt. Starting August 1st, the creators of this pirate-y parade will release a series of videos in which some pirates leak clues to the location of the moolah. What are you waiting for? Dig up your captain's hat and eye patch and be the first to find gold. Just FYI, you'll have to beat us to it.
Don't believe that this is real? Watch the video. )