The Standard’s Spelling Bee Brings Out Fashion’s A-List

We haven’t been to a spelling bee since we were wee little ones, but that all changed last Thursday night, when fashion’s elite flocked to The Standard to quiz their industry skills—and show off some stellar outfits! With A-listers like Media Maestro Linlee Allen, stylist Ashley Avignone, and casting agent Natalie Joos all on hand, it was certainly a stylish soirée that will be talked about for quite some time in Southern Cali. Of course, it wasn’t just about testing the contestants’ couture know-how, but also about showing off some seriously chic ensembles. Just peep this stunning look from Natalie Joos, proving that she can not only spell L-A-C-R-O-I-X or P-R-O-E-N-Z-A, but also she’s earned her stripes in terns of personal style.

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