The Smurfs Are Taking Over, “Incense” Marijuana Could Be Illegal, And The MoMA’s Got A Stalker

New grads from Parsons and F.I.T. can't find jobs in fashion. If you don't have the money to start your own label, you're kinda screwed. The university's suggestion—stay in school! (The Cut)

There's more plot info on
The Smurf's
movie, now that it's officially taken over Manhattan. Turns out that the blue guys fall through a portal and end up in Central Park, where they sneak into Neil Patrick Harris's backpack. Sounds super plausible.(NY Post)

New Yorkers spend more time in elevators that any other American city. Going up? (Gawker)
So, apparently there's a synthetic herb called K2 that creates a high similar to marijuana, except without the calming effect. While it's legal in NYC now, the DA now wants to outlaw it. We kinda agree—weed that just makes you paranoid seems whack to us. (Gothamist)
There's one guy who keeps coming to Marina Abramovic's exhibit at the MoMA over, and over, and over again. He cries alot, too. (Observer)
If you've got some extra loot lying around, you could always drop $18 million big ones for Truman Capote's former Brooklyn home. Just FYI, he only was a renter in the basement, but that's real estate ads for you. (this is fyf)