The Olsen Twins Make Funerals Look Fab, Lady Gaga Is More Influential Than Anna Wintour, And Subway Announcements Are Difficult To Hear

The 60th Street Bloomingdale's has been proven to be the best place in Manhattan to hail a taxi. Hopefully this improves your chances of catching the Cash Cab to help pay off those Bloomie's debts. (Gawker)
The public has voted Lady Gaga as the No. 1 most influential person of 2010, followed by Michelle Obama at No. 14 and Anna Wintour at No. 122. Somehow we doubt she's gonna score a Vogue cover. (NY Mag)
It's good to know we can always turn to the Olsen Twins for funeral chic style-tips. (Jezebel)
Check out this gallery of crazy Easter bonnets that strolled down Fifth Avenue, in case you were too busy sipping Sunday mimosas to notice (we were!). (Huffington Post)
The Straphangers' Campaign just released their survey results on subway announcements, which included statistics on accuracy and clarity. We didn't need heavy research to tell us the subway announcements are awful, but thanks anyways. (Gothamist)

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