The Man Repeller Gets Her Hands On A Lucky R29 Reader

As we told you, Bloomie's has a brand-spankin' new face. And all you needed to do to score a Refinery29-subsidized trip to this retail giant — complete with an exclusive styling session with the notorious Man Repeller (known to her family as blogger Leandra Medine) — was a pithy comment explaining why you love Bloomingdale's. Your submissions were smart and chic (we would never expect less of our readers), but our hearts settled on this charming paean by Tessa Mu:
"Bloomie's makes me feel beautiful on a bad day, rich and expensive when I'm not. Walking through the store is like perusing an exquisite petting zoo of fashion — filled with perfectly curated pieces and the most coveted and desirable items of the season. It's such a classic and iconic place, the object of every girl's daydreams. And 5,000 more square feet of shoes? What more could you ask for? ;)"
Too true, Mu. Too true.
For more of Tessa's thoughts on fashion, head over to her blog at But to see the real show — what happened when Medine met Mu and the fab outfits they created — all you have to do is click through our exclusive slideshow. Enjoy, and remember to hit Bloomingdale's (with or without your favorite stylist) to enjoy their fashions for yourself.