5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 15 2010

Well, PETA won't be happy about this. Kim Kardashian rocked not one but two humongous fur coats while in NYC to film her new reality show. Wonder if Dash will be carrying them...(Daily Mail)
Stuyvesant High School is a lil' different, so we're not exactly shocked teachers discovered a "pot alcove," where students went to get high between classes. More surprising? The HS shut it down. (Gawker)

This could be the best thing ever, ever.
The Goonies
may be coming to Broadway, according to Corey Feldman. We're betting we'll be hearing a lot of "Hey you guys!" (Gothamist)

How classy. Snooki's birthday party will be sponsored by Lifestyles condoms. But, with all the STDS reportedly going on with the Jersey Shore crew, it kind of makes sense. (New York Post)
Ruth Madoff's engagement ring sold at a federal auction for $550,000, way more than the minimum. We think a proposal to us with that sparkler would be creepy. (Huffington Post)