The Best Of The Worst: The 2010 Razzie Noms Are In

If there's one red carpet celebs are NOT going to want to walk on this awards season, it's the Razzie Awards' scarlet "walk of shame." This year, the leading contenders for the suckiest screen players go to two films: M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender, and part two of the love it or hate it franchise, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, both of which garnered nine nominations, including Worse Picture and Worst Director. The two films also share the dubious nomination of being the worst screen ensemble, joining the cast of Sex and the City 2. At least the cast can commiserate with each other if they do "win", unlike poor Jessica Alba who has no one but herself to blame for being nominated as worst supporting actress for four out of the five films she made in 2010. (MovieFone)