Who Needs A V-Day Date? These Sweet Treats Are Better Than A BF

It's not an exaggeration – you can get pretty much anything delivered in New York — food, booze, laundry, groceries, you name it, and someone will bring it to your door. But, when it comes to Valentine's Day goodies, our luck hasn't always been ace...You know, finding something that doesn't come in a plastic bag covered in a big red "Thank You."
Enter The Baking Bean: Former model-turned-pastry-chef Clarice Lam's bakery and treats delivery service is our new favorite find. The site sources unique and delectable gimme-mores like strawberry rosewater truffles, honeycomb and raspberry dark bark, Mexican hot chocolate brownies with spiced dulce de leche swirl, and even voodoo cookies (for those who are less than impressed with their latest dating adventures).
If you want in on this distinctly non-pedestrian Valentine's Day delivery, place your order by February 11. And, for all your out-of-towners that want a taste of the beauty that is NYC delivery, place your orders by February 8. As for us, we're placing ours...right now.
Photo: Courtesy of The Baking Bean

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