The Anti-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey purists, beware: This is not your momma's bird. New York is chock full of non-traditional eaters, and for those sick of the overly done or under-seasoned traditional toms, we've got a suggestion that won't make you sari (Bad pun alert!). Copper Chimney, one of our favorite ways to taste the East without crossing Avenue A, is opening their doors for a nonpareil, but decidedly tasty T-Day. Marinated in yogurt and rubbed in spices, Tandoori turkey makes your average turducken look plain Jane, and cranberry-mango chutney gives the gelatinous canned stuff the well-deserved boot. Fun Thanksgiving treats include a twist on classics, like the curried yam casserole or spiced cream spinach. And if bird isn't your word, there are plenty of veggie options, like green been masala and savory naan stuffed with raisins and almonds (Tofurkey is totes gross, anyway). In keeping with the East-meets-West vibe, Copper Chimney has crafted New York-worthy cocktails, except with flavors like tamarind and mango that match its Indian palette. Expect Thanksgiving-weary ex-pats looking for the real deal or intrepid holiday explorers psyched on getting international. What you won't get, of course, is a major tryptophan overdose or a regrettable, stomach-stretching food hangover. Traditions, after all, are yours for the making.
R29 DEAL: If your Thanksgiving needs a major revamp, head on over to the Copper Chimney for a prix fixe that'll get your mouth a-waterin'. Refinery readers can score this meal for $25 (a $40 value), and will get a free beer with their grub.
Available all day, Thursday, November 25; available after 5 p.m. on Friday, November 26, through Sunday, November 28 Copper Chimney, 126 East 28th Street (Between Lexington and Park avenues); 212-213-5742.

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