5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 02 2012

Wanna appear in an upcoming Twisted SIster music video? Join in on Hornitos Tequila’s 2nd Annual Mariachi Mash Up. (Hornitos)
The Shops At Columbus Circle are getting a facelift, or maybe rather, a crewcut. This month, check out Crewcuts of J.Crew, among other new developments in midtown. (Shops At Columbus Circle)
Weekend must-do: check out cool local artists and the A.B.Cs of S.E.X. at the Underline Gallery. (Underline Gallery)
Urban Outfitters is getting the brunt of some serious Irish fury over some of their branded t-shirts and hats. Maybe we shouldn't call our coffees "Irish" anymore, either... (Gothamist)
Yesterday, we showed you the contamination map of NYC's restaurants, but even the Michelin-Starred aren't safe. Find out how Momofuku holds up. (Gawker)

Photo: Via Gawker