Tavi Talks About Her First Kiss, Diane von Furstenberg Has A Backyard Cemetery, And We’re Gonna Booze While We Shop

Tavi Gevinson is going to talk about a her first kiss at the 92nd Street Y. (The Cut)
Diane von Furstenberg wants to bury 20 people in her backyard. And the trophy for the weirdest wish goes to... (NYT)
Have your travel plans been squashed by that annoying ash cloud? Well this adorable volcano pillow will win your love for the mountains back. (Animal)
One man proposed using a jewelry store's window display. Now that's some good window shopping! (NY Daily News)
Vitaminwater has oddly placed (we're talking mid-block Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg) ads. Do they know something about creative advertising that we don't? (Racked)
Speaking of Williamsburg, half-bar, half-boutique Kingdom is opening April 29. This does not bode well for our wallets or our livers. (Racked NY)link-love-tavi-300-400