7 Things That Should Never Happen At A Tattoo Parlor

Photo: Getty Images.
When a friend of mine got her first tattoo, her artist told her it would change her life. “You’ll start seeing other people with tattoos and bonding with them over it,” he said. “Of course, some of them might not be very good…”
So how do you make sure that you not only get a safe tattoo, but a great one? Turns out, a custom ink job is only as good as your artist, which means finding someone you can trust. After all, getting a tattoo isn't just about getting ink. It's a complete experience, from consultation to going under the needle to life post-getting inked, whether it's your first tattoo or your 15th.
We reached out to some of our favorite artists to ask them what red flags would make them walk out of a shop, as well as how first-timers can know if their artist is someone to trust. Ahead, seven warning signs to look out for when shopping around. This could save you a lifetime of regret (or a cover-up job).

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