Steep Thoughts: Can The Future Be Told Through Your Tea?

It's a question we frequently ask ourselves: What does our future look like? Curious, we sought out established intuitive reader Carolyn of Astrology Boutique to give three Chicago tastemakers (with completely different backgrounds) a glimpse of what's to come. But forget about using a crystal ball or deck of tarot cards. These power players each received a tea reading to determine their destinies — even if only for entertainment purposes only.
So, how does it work? You start out by choosing one of three teas. "Without overthinking it, I tell my clients to choose the one that they are most gravitated toward," says Carolyn. Next, you take two-to-three heaping teaspoons of tea and place it into a tea cup, while thinking about two scenarios you'd like to focus on in your life. After that, boiling water is poured over the leaves, and they are left to steep for a few minutes while you collect your thoughts. Then, it's time for the reading to begin!
So, what does an intuitive reader like Carolyn look for? A certain symbol amongst the leaves, while also taking note of where the symbol is in the cup and how thick it is. Now, before you start staring into your own tea cup attempting to predict what the universe has in store, keep in mind that Carolyn has been doing this for over 25 years, and her "psychic abilities" are inherent from her grandmother.
Now, without further ado, find out if our three tastemakers' results rang true. Click through to see if their readings were fact or fiction. Trust, this is one heck of a tea party.

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