Monster Makeup Deal: New Spring Prettifiers From Tarte At An Insane Price

We're big fans of Tarte. They've managed to take three of our favorite things — cosmetics, sustainability, and the color purple — and turn them into a brand that produces pretty, natural beauty products with style. We've been obsessed with their ginormous cheek stains since day one, but we're seriously digging their new maracuja oil-infused products, which have anti-aging properties in addition to making us look cute.
We're super excited today — not only is it TGIF, but Tarte launched their QVC-exclusive Miracle of Maracuja Skin Smart Collection, which has eight awesome products (some of which won't even be available anywhere else until fall). Until midnight, you can get it for $59.96, which is ridiculous, considering it'd be $200 if you bought everything on its own.
So, we know what you're thinking. "Hold up, isn't QVC for cat-hoarding crazy people?" No, no, it's not. Free your mind, because you can get some insane beauty buys up in there! QVC doesn't only offer deals, but also has exclusives, limited-edition products, and interviews with founders and makeup artists. While we don't think you should become one of those people that call in just for a chat with the hosts, it is worthwhile to check in on them every now and then to see what primpers they're pimping. Who knows, you might just stumble across a crazy deal like this one.

Tarte Miracle of Maracuja 8-Piece Skin Smart Collection, $59.96 (today only), available at

Image Via: Tarte Cosmetics