Target Celebrates Five Years Of GO! Collabs At The Ace With Chloe, Liv, Olivia, Michelle, and More

Did Target open in NYC? Judging from last night, yes. Just like so many of the chain's stores nationwide, the party and pop-up shop in our beloved Ace Hotel to celebrating the fifth anniversary of Target Go International and Opening Ceremony's collaboration with the big-box brand was packed, lacked a VIP space, and had racks full of cut-rate designer duds we wouldn't have minded trying on, had we not been in total drink mode. Yeah, it was a little hot and, thanks to the weather, a little wet—but how are those bad things when you're having a party? Michelle Trachtenberg posed in with Elvis and Napoleon in the photo booth, Chloë Sevigny and Liv Tyler made a cute couple, Shelia E. proved she could still kill on the drums, Olivia Munn stole our hearts a little, and, of course, Aziz was there. Dude, don't you have a sitcom to film in L.A.? How come whenever we go out you're there? Anyways, we recommend Target's use of Opening Ceremony's Ace space and The Breslin as a future retail development—vintage circus lights, live music from Santigold, and cute celebs. We'd buy stock in that.