This Girl Sleeps On $1 Million, Naked

We've already told you about the new billionaire sister heiresses in town who make Paris Hilton look like a pan-handler — and just how in-your-face excessive they are. But now (who knew it was even possible?), our disgust with their flaunting has reached a new height. One half of this richie-rich duo, Tamara Ecclestone, is pulling a Liberace in a photo-shoot with Tyler Shields (yes, that's the shutterbug who perpetually turns out bloody snaps of Lindsay Lohan).
Clearly released to promote her new UK TV show, tastefully titled "Billion $$$ Girl," the photos feature Ecclestone posing in her $100 million dollar house with £1million in actual, real money. According to Shields's agent, "Tyler asked if she could get hold of £1million and she said she already had it lying around. So, he got her to lie in it, naked." Gross — but apparently she doesn't give two sh*ts, lying naked on her bed with dollars dropping down, ironing bank notes, frying eggs next to a pair of Louboutins, and sweeping the streets in a gown. In the midst of a recession that won't seem to quit (and, oh yeah, O.W.S.), her explanation that she's hoping to educate the public on her "real" persona rather than what her father does is not just laughable, but offensive. Poor little rich girl. Not.

Photo: Via Daily Mail.