How To Wear Tall Boots & Look Damn Fine

Knee-high boots and their freakier cousin, the above-the-knee version, are easy enough to wear, but they're difficult to wear well. For every 10 brown boots + leggings + hoodie combos you see on the street, there's maybe one woman who's really taking advantage of everything a mid-thigh shoe has to offer. Be that woman.
Here's why: When worn creatively and daringly, a tall boot can be the thing that elevates you from mere mortal to a magical creature. Even a plain jeans and blouse outfit can be an instant mood-lifter to anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. It just takes an eye for balance, the chutzpah to try something different, and maybe an extra squat rep at the gym. After taking a look at these five outfits, you'll be convinced all that hard work will be worth it.
Got wide-calves? You'll find your perfect boot here. Conversely, got skinny calves? We've got you covered, too.

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