New Sneakers You’ll Want To Kick It In Every Day

Whether you call yourself one or not, you're a sneakerhead at heart. Your devotion to the rubber sole and all its comfort-glory is like a baker's devotion to the perfect double-fudge-brownie recipe. And, you're perpetually on the hunt for the ideal pair of kicks. Well, thanks to new line SYOU&, you're not going to have to look far.
Founded by Merijn ten Thije of Nike and Jaap Spoorenberg, this recently launched collection works with artists from various regions (Colombia this year) to create a select unisex offering of low-top sneakers made from materials sourced from that area. While SYOU& is working with the South American country now, the ampersand at the end of the name represents its mission to foster relationships with other developing nations in the future to highlight talent and boost their economies. Check out the line here, or click through to shop the styles available for pre-order now. Sneak peeks have never looked so good.