Yes, You Can Wear Your Bathing Suit To Work

We're always trying to buy pieces that offer endless possibilities — a dress that can be worn as a tunic over pants, a jumpsuit that works solo or with a top underneath, or a button-up shirt that, these days, can be styled in countless ways. Yet for some reason, we struggle to see the potential in bathing suits beyond sunbathing and taking a dip — two things that don't happen quite often when you live in a big city.
While it's certainly not a new idea to double your one-piece as a bodysuit, this summer, we're trying to blur the lines even further. Sure, you can wear your swimsuit while you're OOO, but have you thought about wearing it to work? And we're not just talking to your tropical-themed staff party. We mean at your desk, at a big pitch meeting, or at a touch base with your boss. It's a lofty goal, but it's one that can be done. All you need to be is employ that layering prowess you spent all fall and winter perfecting, just in a bit of a different, more clever way.
If you start looking at swimwear as a layering piece, an accessory, or even the base of an outfit, you'll be surprised by just how many office-appropriate outfits you'll come up with. Let's just leave the frozen beverage poolside, okay?

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