How To Make The Most Out Of Sweaty Sex This Summer

Photographed By Natalia Mantini.
Summer is the sexiest season — we wear less clothing, have more sex, and many of us are just happier. Chalk it up to more sunlight, hotter temperatures, or the likelihood of a summer fling. Whatever it is, it's basically a fact that summers are hot in more ways than one. But there is one big drawback to summer: sweat. While sweat is totally natural — it’s our bodies’ way of keeping us from getting overheated, after all — it can be annoying to deal with.
Sex can be a workout, but even if you’re having slow and lazy sex, you probably notice a bit of extra perspiration during the summer. First, know that a lot of people find their partner sweating to be a turn-on. Let’s take a look at a Reddit post about the topic. One person said, “When my boyfriend is on top of me, giving it to me hard, and it drips into my face, man that is so sexy. So are bodies slipping all over each other.” Another added, “I like my girlfriend sweaty at any time. Girl sweat is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs I’ve ever encountered.” Not convinced? “I tend to think that sex is boring if there is no sweat,” a third person said.
There’s some science to suggest sweat can a turn-on. The infamous “sweaty t-shirt experiment” had women sniff sweaty tees worn by men. The majority of the women preferred the scent of the men who were most genetically different from them, indicating that how someone’s sweat smells plays a role in attraction. Besides all that, some people just like seeing the visual evidence of how hot and bothered they can make you. As Daniel Saynt, sex educator and Chief Conspirator at the sex and cannabis members club New Society For Wellness (NSFW) tells Refinery29, “If you love hot, sweaty sex, then summer is the season for you!”
However, if you don’t love sweaty sex, you don’t have to soak in your and your partner’s sweat. Here are a few tips to deal.

Blast The AC

Blasting the AC for the time it takes to have sex won’t effect your electricity bill that much. If you don’t have AC, blast your fan or keep the windows open.

Be Prepared

Keep towels and a water bottle by your bed to hydrate and wipe off as you need it.

Have Sex When It’s Coolest Out

Skip mid-afternoon sex and get busy in the evening or early morning, when it’s coolest.

Have Shower Sex

Who can tell if that drop is sweat or tap water? Not you or your partner. Keep the water cool (but not freezing) and enjoy some shower sex.

Invest In Waterproof Sheeting

As Saynt suggests, “Consider investing in a waterproof sheeting to prevent your mattress from having a not so fresh musk when the season ends and go wild with some sweat-inducing good times.”

Choose Your Positions Carefully

If one partner is sweatier than the other, choose positions that put the less sweaty person on top, like cowgirl or froggy. Have fun!

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