Sexy Summer Fling Stories To Get You In The Mood For Summer Lovin'

Photographed by Savana Ogburn.
Ah, summer. The sun’s out, the temperature is rising, and everyone’s wearing far less clothing than they did in December. It’s the perfect time for casual dating — there are so many fun summer activities to do, summer cocktails to drink, and cute swimsuits to wear. And while sometimes a summer boo can turn into a long-term relationship, other times it’s best to keep it as a fling.
If you meet someone you’re into on a study abroad program, internship, or even a vacation — really, any situation in which you won’t be in the same city forever — knowing that the relationship has a natural end date can help you let loose and have fun. As one woman told Refinery29 about her summer fling, “The fact that you know a summer romance is going to come to an end eventually takes the pressure off a bit, so it’s easier to enjoy it for what it is, rather than worrying about what you want in the long term.”
But even if you live in the same city, some relationships just aren’t meant to last through leather jacket season. You might not have that much in common with the hottie you met playing beach volleyball, but hey, why not enjoy it while it lasts? As long as everyone’s on the same page about the fling, we say go for it. And these sexy, romantic fling stories from Reddit will have you ready for some summer loving.

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