Say Hello To The Jeans You Won’t Have To Peel Off This Summer

Jeans are the sartorial crutch you can always lean on: you can dress them up, down, wear on repeat, and they'll always look good. The only caveat? You have to peel them off your body at the end of the day during the sweltering summer months. Suddenly, 100% cotton doesn't feel so cute anymore. DL1961 tapped into this need for cooler summer denim, and aptly named its creation (our saving grace) the Angel Jean.
The magic comes from its material: a mix of fabrics more absorbent than your average cotton jeans but with the same flattering, skinny fit. Try not to get hung up on the idea of your pants being "absorbent" in 70% humidity. Instead, think of all the possibilities wearable summer denim opens up: outdoor Sunday brunch, bike outings, and easy transitions from air-conditioned spaces to ones that are not. No need to pack spare outfits to go from the oppressively warm subway car to the polar ice castle that is your office — one pair of jeans for all environments.
And, this is just one way to wear your blues in July, overall there are plenty of options. See more over at HuffPost. (HuffPost Style)

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