Beauty Hacks To Keep You From Melting This Summer

summerPhotographed by Eva K. Salvi.
After the winter we've had, we're maximizing our time outside this summer — heat and humidity be damned. And, while that's all fine and dandy, our hair and makeup don't always agree. This leads to us looking like a melted, frizzy, all-around-unpleasant mess midday thanks to our good friends heat and humidity. Thankfully, The Huffington Post has heard our prayers and is offering up nine season-conquering beauty hacks on a silver platter.
The site suggests a few options that seem like no-brainers, like cutting your hair short and using products with cooling properties. But, there are a couple on this list that are pretty genius. We've got two words for you: chaffing cream. It's not just for runners, people. We know all too well the discomfort that comes with frolicking in the heat for too long, but we've never thought of buying a chaffing cream. It's so obvious, it's brilliant. Want more? All you've got to do is click. (The Huffington Post)

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