This Subway Missed Connection Will Make You Believe In Love

Photographed by Angela Pham.
You don't have to believe in love at first sight to spot a stranger and think, She might just be the one. What would you do if it happened: Say something, or let potential love pass you by, Serendipity-style?  New Yorker Simone Davis' answer would be an unwavering, "Go for it!"  One average day, Davis was writing poetry on the subway when she spotted a beautiful girl in the same car. Intimidated, Davis promised herself that if she and the girl got off at the same stop, she'd approach her. The girl got off one stop early. "I think, Dammit, I missed my shot," Simone says in a video for LGBTQ story-telling site, I'm From Driftwood. "And, just before she gets off the train, she hands me a note. The train doors close, and I look down at this note, and the note says, 'I’d like to read it/hear it when it’s finished,'” alongside an email address. Nearly a year and a half of unanswered messages went by until the two ran into each other out one evening. Their first date included a romantic ferry ride and swinging on hammocks on Governor's Island. Now the couple, who almost fell victim to a missed connection, are blissfully together. Yes, we agree, their story sounds straight out of a movie. For the rest of us, Simone's experience is a rare lesson that seemingly forgettable moments can make unforgettable differences in our lives. "Take that chance, take that risk in speaking up!" she says. "Because unlike my story, we often don't get second chances."