Read This, Then Call Your Siblings

It's probably been a while since you and your siblings were like peas in a pod: making up stories, borrowing (okay, stealing) clothes, and doing weird things that were only not weird to you. Don't deny it. There are awkward family photos to prove it.
But, the brothers and sisters in the slideshow ahead have not only grown up, they've moved on in seriously impressive ways. They've won Grammys, written best-selling books, and, yes, even helped launch R29. So, in honor of National Siblings Day (April 10), meet four sets of siblings — brothers, sisters, and twins, too — who've grown out of bunk beds, but still share the same sick pairs of genes. Hair styled by Jonathan Mason. Makeup by Sophie Haig.
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Rachel and Jack Antonoff
Age: 32 and 30, respectively.
Occupation: Rachel is a fashion designer. Jack is a musician, currently working on a solo project, Bleachers, and is the guitarist for the Grammy-award winning band Fun.

When you tell people about your brother/sister, what's the one thing you're most proud to brag about?
Rachel: "How funny Jack is."
Jack: "I like to brag that Rachel can fit into small spaces. I tell stories of her sleeping anywhere she needs to sleep. I think it's really cool."

What would you say is your brother/sister's coolest personality trait? What's their weirdest?
Jack: "The coolest would be that Rachel is down to stay up late and do stuff. And, weirdest would be she washes her sheets every night."
Rachel: "I don't. I wash them like twice a week. I really like things clean. I don't think any of his personality traits are weird. What's weird? There are things about him I don't relate to, like his fear of germs. Between the two of us, we make one crazy person."

What's the longest length of time you and your sibling went without seeing each other?
Jack: "Probably like three weeks."

And, how often do you find that your paths cross in your professional life?
Jack: "Often. Rachel makes clothes. I wear a lot of the clothes. Rachel's videos have music in them. I work on some of the music. We're more or less just involved in everything each other does."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Tell us a story about a time your brother/sister got you into trouble.
Jack: "She'll deliver a car to borrow bone empty [of gasoline]. 'Here's this disaster! Enjoy this nonfunctional machine.' [Also,] I like to make up stories about Rachel and tell the family."
Rachel: "He made up once that my celebrity crush is Hayden Christensen, who I'm sure is a lovely person and very attractive, he's just not my celebrity crush. That will forever be, among my family and friends, my celebrity crush."
Jack: "It's funny. Isn't it ridiculous that that's your celebrity crush? I thought it was funny to have a celebrity crush on someone who's so obviously 'hot.' It makes you sound like a teen. Like, if someone's crush was Hayden Christensen, they'd never admit it."

How would you describe your brother/sister's personal style?
Jack: "Two words: Spencer's Gifts. It's literally where she gets most of her pieces."
Rachel: "Like nothing I've ever seen. I don't think he's inspired by anyone else. It's truly his own."

If you could steal one item from his/her closet, what would it be?
Jack: "There are a lot of nice, short-sleeved, button-down shirts that I was wearing for a while, and Rachel took all of them."
Rachel: "Yeah, I have a bunch of Jack's clothes."

What's your favorite thing to do together? Any special traditions?
Jack: "We just do the things we always do. We go to dinner most nights."
Rachel: "We go to a lot of dinners. We really love restaurants. No one really cooks anymore."
Jack: "We don't really have traditions. Traditions are for people who see each other less."

A surefire way to annoy your brother/sister is to...
Jack: "Rachel hates texting. She thinks it's rude. She's a square."
Rachel: "I think it's rude to be on your phone during a conversation. What would I do to Jack to annoy him? I would say a dessert that everybody knows is delicious, is delicious. Or, I would pretend to enjoy a store with a name that has a pun, like Thai Me Up Thai food or Buy Buy Baby."
Jack: "Those things piss me off."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What's the last gift your brother/sister gave you?
Jack: "Rachel gave me a denim jacket with my nickname and album art sewn into the back. That was pretty cool. The last gift I gave Rachel was probably…"
Jack and Rachel: "Bronchitis."
Rachel: "You're not a big gift giver. Not like a material gift giver. He's very generous though. He's quick to pay for things."

What's the nicest thing your brother/sister has done for you lately?
Jack: "Rachel threw me a really exciting birthday party. She rented out Sardi's."
Rachel: "Jack does all sorts of nice things. He always retweets me. He always seems to be on the lookout for me for office space."

When your brother/sister calls you, what pops up on your cell-phone screen?
Jack: "This."[Shows us a picture of Rachel on his screen.] "It's Rachel. It's a bad picture."

It's the background?
Jack: "Yeah, but it also pops up."
Rachel: "I have him and my family under their full names. I think it's important if someone finds me sometime in the street, they'll be like, 'Oh, her last name is Antonoff. Let's see if there are people under that name in the phone we can call.'"

If your sibling was a graphic T-shirt, what would the tee say?
Rachel: "I just think Jack would be a striped T-shirt."
Jack: "A picture of a unicorn doing laundry."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
TK Wonder (left) and Cipriana Quann
Age: Both 27, born 15 minutes apart.
Occupation: Cipriana is the cofounder and editor-in-chief of Urban Bush Babes. TK Wonder is an electronic artist/songwriter.

When you tell people about your sister, what's the one thing you're most proud to brag about?
TK: "What is there not to brag about this woman? I could go on and on, but I’m very proud that my identical twin is the cofounder and editor-in-chief of a wonderful site called Urban Bush Babes, a site that focuses on multicultural topics, fashion, music, natural hair, health, social issues, and all that she finds inspiring and enlightening. I am so very inspired by her and what she does and the conscientious effort she made in paving a new and unique direction for UBB. She is incessantly working on the site, so that now, when I call her, I never ask what she is doing. I always ask, 'So, what post are you working on?' Her tenacity and work ethic exhorts the same within myself. She was just recently featured in’s mini documentary series called 'My Life In Vogue,’ highlighting her work and everyday life. They couldn’t have chosen a better candidate."
Cipriana: "Well, since I talk about my twin sister ALL THE TIME (no, literally), I think the one thing I brag about the most is her work ethic or ethics alone. No nepotism required, but not only is she literally one of the most amazing and talented lyricists/singers — opening for Sting, Erykah Badu, Justice, Prodigy, N.E.R.D, Nas, The Hives, The Gossip, Raphael Saadiq, and Talib Kweli — but a songwriter, as well, writing ALL of her own material. Last year she performed in front of a crowd of a half-million people at the Poland Woodstock Festival; one of the largest rock festivals in the world, and was also chosen by Q-Tip and Stretch Armstrong as the 2013 Music Award winner for competition for her notable skill for rapping, singing, and songwriting. I really could go on and on, but bragging has to stop at a certain point before it begins to look obnoxious. Seriously, she works at her craft every day and really is the physical manifestation of passion and motivation, all while defining humbleness at its utmost."

What would you say is your sister's coolest personality trait? What's her weirdest?
TK: "She has quite a few cool personality traits. One of them is her determination. Weirdest one? Is it weird to say I don’t think she has a weird personality trait. Or, maybe that just means I’m weird and can’t recognize her weird trait because if you’re already weird it might prove difficult to pick up on weirdness in someone else. I have been told I’m weird more then once. Yeah, I just made that complicated."
Cipriana: "At the core, we are just huge nerds, but if I pick the 'coolest' I would say just how cool she is. She is one of the most calm and collected women I know (besides my mother), always noting the dramas in our lives fail in comparison to others, so we always have to see the positive. And, boy, does she exude this through every pore of her body. As for 'weirdest,' she is just weird, but that's what makes her so damn cool."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What's the longest length of time you and your sibling went without seeing each other?
TK: "Two to three months."
Cipriana: "I would say about three LONG months out of the year when she goes overseas on tour during the summer for festival season.

And, how often do you find that your paths cross in your professional life?
Cipriana: "Quite often, which is just how I like it. I tend to cover all of her endeavors and performances on my website. Plus, whenever I go to events, she is always my forever plus one. When I was invited by HBO to the Game of Thrones premiere, all of my friends were like 'When is your sister going on tour again?' They know if she is in town then there is no point in asking who I am taking."
TK: "As often as we like…I like to think."

Tell us a story about a time your sister got in trouble/got you into trouble.
TK: "When I was in first grade, my sister told the teacher I had not completed my homework. A grudge I hold against her ‘til this day."
Cipriana: "When we switched English and algebra classes around the age of 11. She took my English class, since she was better at writing and vice versa. Long story short, our teachers were completely fooled, but since we told our classmates, they gave it away through the constant giggling and teasing during class. Soon the teachers found out and were not amused in the least, and we were sent to the principal's office shortly after. Luckily, our principal was completely amused, especially since we were good students and just brushed it off with a warning. Though for some reason I know my sister is going to mention a time when I was little and told the teacher she didn't have her homework. She NEVER lets me live that down."

How would you describe your sister's personal style?
TK: "Fashionable, modern-day, ‘70s child meets classic style having an affair with ‘90s rock."
Cipriana: "Definitely a little bit of rock mixed with vintage. Her style is influenced from all eras so it is hard say, but I know she loves the ‘70s/’80s and mixes those elements into her wardrobe quite a bit."

If you could steal one item from her closet, what would it be?
TK: "Everything. Yes, not one item, but to limit her extraordinary closet to one item is too arduous for this cerebral cortex."
Cipriana: "She has this amazing ‘70s-style kimono fringe robe, but to be honest, EVERYTHING!!!"
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What was your favorite thing to do together when you were kids?
TK: "Spend time together."
Cipriana: "Plain and simple, hanging out together! She was always reading and writing, while I was always drawing. Oh, and we LOVED watching some of our favorite '80s films and TV shows together like the Lost Boys, The NeverEnding Story, The Cosby Show, and 21 Jump Street.

What's your favorite thing to do together now?
TK: "Spend time together."
Cipriana: "It may sound boring, but hanging out together. We could be doing anything, but as long as we are around each other, it will surely be a blast!"

A surefire way to annoy your sister is to...
TK: "Well, I’m sure she’d say I no longer annoy her…let’s hope. However, a surefire way is to borrow her clothes and customize them by way of scissors and return them to her closet as if nothing happened. I used to do this when I was younger, like she wouldn’t notice her freshly cropped T-shirt."
Cipriana: "Oh that is easy...don't mess with her hair."

What's the last gift your sister gave you?
TK: "Inspiration."
Cipriana: "She is constantly doing things for me, but the last thing I remember is she treated me to dinner. We are HUGE foodies, so she knows the exact way to my heart!"

What's the nicest thing your sister has done for you lately?
TK: "We’re boring — we’re always doing nice things for each other. She takes after our mother with her beautiful kindness and consideration for others."
Cipriana: "Giving words of encouragement, constantly inspiring me every day."

When your sister calls you, what pops up on your cell-phone screen?
TK: "Cipster. This is my nickname for her combining her name, Cipriana, and the word sister."
Cipriana: "Everyone knows her by her performance name, TK Wonder, but I know her as the name our mama gave her."

If your sibling was a graphic T-shirt, what would the tee say?
TK: "'Cool Nerds Do Exist.' Disclaimer: She calls herself a nerd so I get to say that."
Cipriana: "Most likely it would show a '70s memorable figure, similar to Cleopatra Jones, but instead of holding a machine gun, she would be holding a mic with the tagline, 'Who is the baddest?'"
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Evan (left) and Eddie Huang
Age: 26 and 32, respectively.
Occupation: Eddie and Evan are the cofounders of BaoHaus, which opened in 2009. Eddie is also known for his Vice series and best-selling book, Fresh Off The Boat. Evan also works in commercial real estate.

When you tell people about your brother, what's the one thing you're most proud to brag about?
Eddie: "His senior year of high school, my dad dropped him off at school, and ran into this guy in the administrative lot. And, this guy’s like ‘Mr. Huang, I gotta talk to you.’ And, my dad was nervous because me and my brother [Emery] get into trouble a lot. And, he said ‘I just have to tell you: Eddie was bad. Emery was worse. But, Evan was an angel.’ It was really funny. That has been Evan’s reputation since he was young. But, he’s grown up to be an entirely different person now. I’d like to think what I like about Evan is, even though he grew up with me and he’s a very nice guy and he’s always in a support role in the family, he’s broken out and done his own thing. That’s really cool."
Evan: "He’s always giving us really good stories to tell. He’s always the first to go try some crazy shit, and then actually succeed at it. And, me and my other brother, we’re like, ‘Yo, we can do some crazy shit, too, then!’ So, he sets a good example in that regard. I think that’s what we’re most proud of is: Eddie’s always doing something unexpected, but succeeding somehow."

What would you say is your brother's coolest personality trait? What's his weirdest?
Eddie: "He has a very good sense of humor, in terms of, when there’s awkward situations, he can always tell a joke to get everybody to stop being awkward. He’s really good at breaking awkward ice. And, his weirdest trait is: He is the best at imitating people’s voices. He can imitate anyone’s voice. He hangs out with you for an hour, he can imitate your voice. He likes to imitate people."
Evan: "His weirdest: He doesn’t like people touching him. So, me and my middle brother exploit that all the time. And, my middle brother is the king of touching Eddie at the exact moment and exact place that makes him feel really uncomfortable. His coolest trait? I think at Eddie’s core, he just likes hanging out. So, our best times together [are when] we’re just hanging out, watching the Red Sox or the Redskins."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What's the longest length of time you and your sibling went without seeing each other?
Eddie: "When I moved to New York, the longest time was probably six months. Evan would come up and visit."

And, how often do you find that your paths cross in your professional life?
Eddie: "We lived together for almost five years. We lived together, we worked on BaoHaus together, we did everything together. Woke up together, went to work together, ate food together. And, we did it in a very Chinese way. I remember Evan once went to the Tenement Museum — he got free passes — and he came home and he busted open the door. At that time it was me, Evan, Emery, my girlfriend, and a dog all living in a first-floor, no-bedroom apartment on 20 Orchard Street. Evan came busting in and was like ‘Dude! The Tenement Museum tour just came next door to our apartment. We live in a tenement!’"
Evan: "When I was on the tour, they were like ‘Imagine living in a small apartment with no rooms, with your family member’s feet next to your head, and everybody’s sleeping on the floor.’ That’s what we did!"
Eddie: "We lived in a tenement setting and ran a restaurant together. On Orchard Street. And, had no idea that we were actually replicating a lifestyle."

Tell us a story about a time your brother got in trouble/got you into trouble.
Eddie: "He brought a Swiss Army knife to middle school, and got into trouble because he showed the knife at school. I, at the time, was on probation and I had to do community service. One of the places you can do community service was teen court. So, I represented my brother in his teen-court case for bringing a knife to middle school."
Evan: "He was always having friends over. And, he threw a birthday party once — a 16th birthday party. He had like a DJ, [and it] turned…into a dance party. And, I went up into my room and there were like six girls — two of them had no shirts on — on his bed, and Eddie was in the middle. And, I’m like, ‘Yo, what’s going on?’ And, he’s like 'Get the fuck outta here.’ I was like ‘Alright!’ and I went and told my mom."

How would you describe your brother’s personal style?
Eddie: After we watched Zoolander, we would always call him Blue Steel, 'cuz he was always the slick one. Evan was always the better-looking one. My grandma refers to him as 'the cute one,' even when he was five or six.
Evan: "Eddie’s personal style has evolved. Back in high school, he used to wear a lot of Tommy Hilfiger and Polo, and it was very much about that whole aesthetic."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What was your favorite thing to do together when you were kids?
Evan: "Throw a baseball or football indoors while watching the Red Sox or Redskins."

What's your favorite thing to do together now?
Eddie: "Karaoke. ‘Careless Whispers.’ That’s our song."
Evan: "‘Careless Whispers’ and Cam'Ron’s ‘Hey Ma.’"

A surefire way to annoy your brother is to...
Evan: "Touch his side. Poke his hip."
Eddie: "I used to bust into Evan’s room in the morning all the time and be like, ‘You should be at the shop by now. Don’t you be sleeping!’ If he didn’t recap me yesterday, I would just be like ‘Where’s my recap of yesterday's sales? What’s my recap of performance yesterday? Why aren’t you at the restaurant? Don’t wear your good shoes, ‘cuz you’ll just ruin them, and I just got them for you.’ It was stuff like that. That’s how I run a business. I’m a bulldog, so I bite something and I just don’t let it go. With Evan, it was really like boot camp working with me for four years, and then he was like ‘I’m done with boot camp. I’m good.’ So, he’s doing his own thing now, which is good."

What's the last gift your brother gave you?
Eddie: "I got Evan the BaoHaus Dunks."
Evan: "Yes, that’s right. Eddie gives me lots of gifts all the time. I don’t give gifts."
Eddie: "He brought a vegan cake for my birthday. Just to compare: He bought a vegan cake; I got him the Nike SBs and Taiwanese beef noodle soup for my own birthday."
Evan: "But, it’s like, I’m watching out for my own family. I want my brother to be healthy and I don’t want to get him a gigantic cake for his birthday. I’m gonna drop a lot of bread on a nice vegan dessert. It was good though."

What's the nicest thing your brother has done for you lately?
Eddie: "I'm out of town a lot. When I’m out of town, Evan really takes it upon himself to go spend time with my fiancé, and hold it down, and call me together. It’s just nice, because that way she won’t feel alone. It’s kinda cool. I never ask him, but it’s the things he does without me asking or knowing that I really appreciate. That’s the nicest thing: When someone in your family knows there’s a void somewhere and they just go fill it for you."
Evan: "I think the nicest thing would probably just be when we spend time talking on the phone. He’s so busy now, and I’m off doing my own thing and we’re not living together. So, just us spending time when it’s one-on-one, I think is most valuable for me. That’s what I enjoy most."

If your sibling was a graphic T-shirt, what would the tee say?
Eddie: "Cool story, bro."
Evan: Eddie would be ‘Fuck You, Pay Me.'"
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Pepin and Piera Gelardi
Age: 30 and 34, respectively.
Occupation: Piera is the executive creative director of Refinery29. Pepin is a partner and leads industrial design at Tomorrow Lab.

When you tell people about your brother/sister, what's the one thing you're most proud to brag about?
Piera: "Where do I start? His awesome hair? His unparalleled pasta-making skills? His bravado on the dance floor? In my eyes, my brother's talents are boundless. He's the coolest person I know — smart, curious, warm, funny, and possessing of extremely expressive eyebrows. I know that's WAY more than one thing, but my bragging about my brother is kind of endless.

"My brother was recently on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, which I bragged about A LOT. I was so annoying. Before I could get my hands on an actual issue, I printed out the cover and carried it around showing everyone I could — shoving it into their faces and saying proudly 'that's my brother!!!'"
Pepin: "My sister is the creative director and cofounder of the fastest-growing media company in the country. She also invented kale, as far as I know."

What would you say is your brother/sister's coolest personality trait? What's their weirdest?
Piera: " Coolest: Pepin always shows up. He may be late or soaking wet because he lost his umbrella along the way, but if you invite him, he'll be there. And, when he gets there he'll proceed to be the life of the party. The weirdest: My brother is a massive bullshit artist. Because he combines confidence, creativity, and a general strong knowledge base, he's able to create plausible explanations for just about anything he doesn't know. I now just assume that half of his elaborate knowledge is just a well-spun story."
Pepin: "Coolest: Piera has an amazing knowledge of what is new, important, and beautiful. She cuts this with a playful and self-deprecating sense of humor. She’s easily one of the most interesting people I know. Weird: When it really matters, you just cannot get this woman to take a cab."
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
What's the longest length of time you and your sibling went without seeing each other?
Piera: "I feel really lucky because Pepin and I both live in Brooklyn, and we see each other really often. The longest we ever went without seeing each other was probably a month or two when we both did a semester abroad."
Pepin: "Even when we were living abroad we managed to see each other every few months. Once a week is the goal."

And, how often do you find that your paths cross in your professional life?
Piera: "Our paths haven't really crossed professionally, although I think we've inspired each other a lot creatively over time. I love that we're both entrepreneurs, and it's been so exciting for me to see my brother's business, Tomorrow Lab, progressing, growing, and getting lots of amazing press. We have a history of family business and collaboration, so maybe one day, we'll find an interesting way to work together!"
Pepin: "I think this shoot is the first time! I'm in a very nerdy kind of tech, and Piera is in a very fashionable kind of media. However, I’d be surprised if we don’t come up with a great collaboration in the next year."

Tell us a story about a time your brother/sister got in trouble/got you into trouble.
Piera: "The family classics: My brother once attacked me with a long block, chasing me down the hallway swinging it. I closed my door just in time as he swung, and it left a huge dent in the door. I got him in big trouble and pointed to the dent for years as proof of the fact that he'd tried to murder me. In return, I once convinced my brother that it was imperative to his future safety that he practice jumping off our roof (in case of fire). When he sprained his ankle, he got me in big trouble and still claims to have ankle issues related to the incident."
Pepin: "We weren't always super close growing up. We had pretty different interests. But, we always had each other's backs. Only once did she set me up to take the fall for a broken nightlight. Luckily, I had a strong alibi.

"Also, there was one time she got in it deep a few weeks after high school graduation. She tried the whole ‘I'll tell my parents I'm staying at your house, and you tell your parents you're staying at mine.’ That trick should come with a warning label: It never works."

How would you describe your brother/sister's personal style?
Piera: "Dapper bike messenger? I feel like my brother is always wearing either a tie or a bandana…"
Pepin: "Strategic anarchy. Lots of unexpected but beautiful cuts, patterns, and color combinations. It’s entirely hers. It’s really inspiring."

If you could steal one item from his/her closet, what would it be?
Piera: "I think Pepin has a Delorean T-shirt that belonged to my dad."
Pepin: "I think she has my Dad’s Delorean (car not band) T-Shirt."
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Photographed by Winnie Au; Hair styled by Jonathan Mason; Makeup by Sophie Haig.
What was your favorite thing to do together when you were kids?
Piera: "I remember loving to build things together including once making an elaborate multiroom, multihole mini golf course out of blocks."
Pepin: "We used to pretend the rocks in front of our house were giant pirate ships."

What's your favorite thing to do together now?
Piera: "Eating, drinking, and dancing. A night that includes all three is the ultimate success."
Pepin: "Any meal. Any size. Any time."

A surefire way to annoy your brother/sister is to...
Piera: "Growing up, my favorite way to annoy him would be to laugh hysterically when he was trying to hurt me (no matter how much pain he inflicted). In my adult years, I don't spend a lot of time actively trying to annoy him (although I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard if I really tried)."
Pepin: "Say something shitty about yourself."

What's the last gift your brother/sister gave you?
Piera: "This crazy 3-D cube portrait — it's kind of like a paperweight hologram picture of me. He got it from a booth at the mall. It's hilarious and useless. I love it."
Pepin: "I got a beautiful bowl from our family friends at Good Earth Pottery in Kennebunkport."

What's the nicest thing your brother/sister has done for you lately?
Piera: "Listened to me patiently."
Pepin: "My wife Teresa and I were married in August last year. We produced the whole thing ourselves, which was perhaps overly ambitious. Piera and Philippe [von Borries, her husband] were very helpful and supportive"

When your brother/sister calls you, what pops up on your cell-phone screen?
Piera: "A photo of him from when he was three and let me do clown face paint on him. His ring tone is this funny Muppet-y sound."
Pepin: "Right now it says 'Piera Gelardi' because I’m terribly literal. It used to say 'Rara.' There was the picture of her from 2000. Her 'look' was to make this half-dead droopy face. She’s wearing white sunglasses and an gnarly floral blouse."

If your sibling was a graphic T-shirt, what would the tee say?
Piera: "Moves McGee."
Pepin: "TRUE BLUE."

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