How To Root For The Giants Without Looking Like A Sloppy Fan

If you haven't heard, The Giants are going to the Super Bowl, and we are extremely psyched. It's an East Coast rivalry rematch, pitting Eli Manning against Tom Brady (sigh...Tom Brady), an almost-instant replay of the 2008 game, when NYC put an end to the Patriots's undefeated season.
As you can see, we're pretty legit fans. But watching the game last night left us questioning the style company we were keeping: Why does wearing blue and red translate to looking sloppy? Just because you're at a sports bar (or at the game, or on your couch), that doesn't mean you have to dress like a dude. Instead, we've rounded up 10 super-chic jersey alternatives for the Giants fans in all of us. From small pieces of flare to full-on cobalt blue sweats (that actually flatter!), this "gear" doubles as real-life clothing even outside of McSweeney's.
Click through for 10 ultra-cute pieces that say "fan" without the foam finger.
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