Yes, Williamsburg Hipsters Are Judging Your Outfit (Watch!)

Living in NYC, it can feel like you're constantly on display, or, even worse, strutting down a catwalk. Now, a new website has made all of our worst nightmares suspicions come true. Styleblaster installed a motion-senser webcam on a highly trafficked area of Bedford Avenue (one block from the L stop, to be exact), to catch the street style of every single passerby. What's even more frightening? The website allows viewers to vote on whether or not the unlucky subject is "stylin" — by clicking on a top hat, no less.
The site's operators claim that they "fill a need for live fashion information, with a unique and unmatched vantage point on the hippest block in New York City." While the R29 jury is still out on whether this voyeurism gives us the creeps or not, we have to admit that it does provide the opportunity for tons of eclectic street style inspo. After all, where else besides Williamsburg can you spot flannel shirts and bowler hats worn in so many different ways? (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist