The Pool Party You Have To Peep

We're sweating bullets, there's a deodorant stick on our desk, and we want nothing more than a cold shower—basically hashtag gnarly. Or, instead of a shower, a dip in a pool would be real nice. Enter in Thursday night's party at Jimmy on top of The James hotel—yes, that's the rooftop lounge with a plunge pool. Add in a cool breeze, strong drinks, and lots of pretty caftans, and we're still conjuring up the memory. Celebrating the relaunch of Natalie Joos' blog, "Tales Of Endearment," (oh how we missed it), all about stories on vintage finds, it certainly made sense that the dress-code was vintage. Guests that looked like they raided the racks of Decades congregated far, far away from the fireplace, with Joos and's Editor-In-Chief Dirk Standen toasting friends like Hannah Bronfman, Behati Prinsloo, Max Snow, and Lisa Salzer at water's edge. For some, the proximity was a little too potent. Jamie Strachan (clearly the Travis from Clueless in the crowd), Prinsloo's boyfriend, did what we all secretly wanted to do—jumping in fully-clothed save for his shoes and a strong buzz. Swimming hours must have ended, because security carried him away dripping, but still very, very, very happy to be wet. Once we knew that the pool was off-limits, we high-tailed it to the after-party at Jane, where Strachan was back in action—without changing. There's more than one way to get soaked.
Click through and cool down!
All photos David X Prutting/

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