French Girl Beauty Secrets From Stephanie Szostak

You might recognize French actress Stephanie Szostak from The Devil Wears Prada, or, more recently, from her role as Grace Truman on the USA network's Satisfaction. Either way, one thing is certain: This is one woman with beauty secrets worth stealing. We promise it's not just because she's French.
So, when makeup artist Tina Turnbow offered to interview her for us while doing her makeup, we knew it would be a good one. Turns out, Szostak — who will soon be back on the big screen alongside Jon Cryer in the comedy Hit By Lightning — is as fun-loving as she is inspiring. Click through to read Turnbow's interview with the actress, in which she dishes about the product she always runs out of, how she stays balanced, and why she loves a good poop joke (yup).
Makeup by Tina Turnbow; Hair by Marc Mena for Warren Tricomi; Styled by Robert James.
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Can you tell us any French beauty secrets?
"Work with what you have and don't try to be someone else. Granted we all want what we don't have but it's a good habit to try. We should all try to embrace our own quirkiness. I learned to love my small boobs!"

What products do you consistently have to replenish?
"Lancôme's eye makeup remover. And, I've used moisturizer every morning and every night since I was a teenager."
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Photo: Courtesy of Tina Turnbow.
What do you think someone might be surprised to discover about you?
"I'm a golfer and have had three holes in one. I get teased by my cousin when I eat ribs because of how spotless the bones are. I painted with my husband a portrait of a naked Serge Gainsbourg draped with a French flag and it hangs in our bedroom. I love gritty and dark art like what the German couple Herakut does. And, finally, I kind of like jokes about poop."
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Photo: Courtesy of Tina Turnbow.

Are there products that your hair and makeup team for Satisfaction use on set that you really love?
"I discovered the Caudalíe skin care line and absolutely love all their products. From their eye cream and moisturizer to the radiance serum — and their wonderful body oil and beauty elixir."

How do you keep your life balanced?
"I read recently that you are never 'balanced' for that long. If you picture yourself walking on a tight rope suspended in the air, you'll lean a little to the right or a little to the left and maybe for an instant you'll be balanced but it's not a stagnant state. The leaning and the movement are what is exciting. So, what brings me excitement are little things in life — little random moments like when I'm driving my GTI on the country roads, downshifting, listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros nice and loud — or, when I lay there in shavasana at the end of a great yoga class and I'm able to just be."
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