Platform Steals: Democratic Looks For Less

With the democratic convention a-raging, we couldn't help but round up some hot political looks that any delegate or activist would want to wear on the floor. While you might not be sporting some crazy ten-foot-tall adorned hat, you'll definitely still make a statement.
Above, clockwise from top middle:
Not quite eloquent, but definitely effective. Marc Jacobs Tee, $58.88
Surprisingly classy cufflinks send a strong message. Democratic cufflinks, $59.95
Let them know where your loyalties lie. Democratic Tote Bag, $14.99
Already an iconic image, this poster sold out quick. Grab one on Ebay so your grandkids can make big bucks on it in 2050. Shepherd Fairey Poster, $24.99
Above, clockwise from top left:
Very delegate-chic. We could see Chloe Sevigny pulling this off with aplomb. Boater Hat, $120
A graceful rendition of Obama's symbol perfect for stringing around your neck. Who knew politicians had their own symbols? Mark DeFrates Obama Pendant, $40
This ring brings to mind the literal meaning of hitting someone with the truth. Vote Ring, $110
Kick some sense into your political opponents. Tom's Political Slipons, $48
Okay, okay Optimus Prime! I'll do it! Optimus Prime Vote Tee, $18