The Strangest (& Smartest) Stain-Removing Tips

embedIllustrated by Austin Watts.
We’ve all experienced post-stain shock. It occurs the very second your coffee misses your mouth and dribbles down your freshly detagged dress, or the moment you look in the mirror and realize your signature crimson lipstick is a lot less impactful when it’s also smeared on your collar. #ClumsyGirlProblems, right?
But, instead of freezing in your tracks — the “maybe it’ll disappear” method — or worse, rushing to the sink and spilling a mixture of every product in arm's reach on the stain in hopes of it magically dissolving, The Coveteur has concocted clothing-saving formulas of its own. These include digestive enzymes and stale bread, and they may be some of the most genius stain-removal methods we’ve ever heard.
The advice ranges everywhere from baby powder on oil stains (something this writer swears by) to canceling out red wine splatters with a white wine formula. Consider it an excuse to treat yourself to another glass. Still, we're most impressed with the aforementioned use of four-day-old bread among The Coveteur's arsenal of stain-demolishing products. Jump over for all the panic-reducing solutions. And, if all else fails, we're sure having the wine on hand could help, regardless.

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