Our Dreams Realized: Sprinkles Is Launching A Cupcake ATM!

When the uncontrollable craving for Sprinkles hits, don’t dare get in our line of fire. We take the sweet treats (and L.A. staple) super seriously and could easily supplement our meals with the Red Velvet cake alone. So, it is only in our wildest, cupcake-filled dreams that we ever thought news like this would break. But here it is, folks: Sprinkles is launching a 24-hour cupcake ATM!
For. Serious. This means no-doubt-about-it all-night cupcake access can be had for all you sweet-treat addicts out there (well, until the machine runs out, we guess). And, the terrific news keeps on comin’! Not only will there be a cupcake ATM, but you can score dog-friendly sweets for Fido as well .
Then again, what’s better than 24-hour cupcake-slash-dog-treat access? Perhaps ice cream! And LAist has it that Sprinkles is also slated to open an ice cream shop next door to its digital sweets dispensary. Could it get any, uh, sweeter than that?

Photo: Via Sprinkles/Facebook