What To Buy Depending On Where You're Headed For Vacay

Packing would be a lot less painful if we could do it in the dark, with a glass of wine in hand, while watching Gilmore Girls reruns. (Okay, we pretty much do that, and it ain't easy.) But the truth is, a lot of factors go into deciding what to bring and what makes sense, quantity-wise — are, say, five pairs of shoes truly necessary for a weekend getaway? It's not just as simple as reaching blindly into your closet, throwing some things in a bag, and hoping for the best.

So, with spring travel almost in full swing (adult spring break, anyone?), we're here to help you get a general idea of the must-haves you need to pack depending on where you're headed, using a few popular destinations we've dreamed up.

Believe it or not, it's about so much more than just the weather. We've got your potential activities and the overall vibe of the destination in mind with the vacay-ready picks ahead. So, no matter your destination, you'll definitely be looking fly when you arrive.

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